Charitable Donation Policy

In limited circumstances, registered student organizations may use proceeds from approved fundraising events to make donations to non-profit charitable organizations. Student organizations satisfying these requirements may fundraise subject to Advisor approval. 

Beneficiaries of such events must be recognized 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt organizations. A tax-exempt fiscal sponsor of a proposed beneficiary is insufficient to satisfy this requirement. An Advisor may require a tax ID number and tax-exempt certificate documenting the beneficiary organization’s 501(c)(3) status prior to approval. Donation checks must be made payable to the approved beneficiary, and a letter, issued on official letterhead, confirming receipt of the funds by the beneficiary is required for all donations.

 Proceeds from fundraising events may only be used for lawful purposes. Under no circumstances may RUSA Allocations be used to fund donations. Charitable donations to individual persons are strictly prohibited.

 Student Center room reservation fees (excluding equipment and setup charges) may be waived for student organization events whose purpose is to raise funds for an approved beneficiary. In order to receive this fee waiver, a student organization must provide the Event Coordinator with the approved beneficiary’s tax-exempt certificate as well as a letter from the beneficiary charitable organization, on its letterhead, acknowledging the student organization’s commitment to donate 100% of proceeds funds (i.e. no monies staying in Generated Revenue). The student organization must submit the fee waiver at least 21 calendar days prior to the date of the fundraising.

See also: Sections on Cash Handling Policy and Fundraising, Ticket, and Vendor Sales

IRS Definition of 501(c)(3)

For more information on creating check requests for Donations, please see Treasurer’s Key.

Dining Hall Table Reservations

Your organization may reserve tables in the Dining Halls for various uses including: holding sign-ups for an upcoming event, distributing information about your organization, or conducting fundraisers. For additional information and guidelines, please visit the Dining Services website.

Reservations for Meetings and Events in Student Centers and Academic Space

Student Organization Event Reservations must be made 4 weeks in advance.

To reserve event space in the Rutgers University Student Centers (Busch Student Center, Cook Student Center, Douglass Student Center, Livingston Student Center, College Avenue Student Center, or the Student Activities Center), all registered student organizations must log on to  Student organizations may also call the Meetings and Events Office at 848-932-8821 or email  

Please note:  The last day student organizations can program and reserve space is the last class day of each semester.  No reservations or events can occur after the last day of classes.

Every registered organization is eligible for an online group account.  Please contact the Meeting and Events Office if your organization does not have access to your account information.  Space for these events may be reserved up to one year in advance of the date for which the reservation is made (e.g., on October 24, 2016 you may reserve event space through October 24, 2017). This process ensures effective planning of events and fosters communication between your organization, Student Center staff, and your Advisor.

Meeting Room Reservations

Student organizations may reserve meeting room space in the student centers for the upcoming academic year during the spring semester re-registration process.  Organizations that do not request space as part of this process will be able to reserve meeting rooms on a first-come, first-served basis (up to 24 hours in advance). Meetings that have an event component must follow the timeline outlined below.

Academic Space Reservations

Student Organizations must be registered with Rutgers University in order to reserve University facilities, specifically academic space, for meetings and events. The primary functions of classrooms at the University are for instructional use.  Student organizations are permitted restricted use of classroom space for organizational meetings and small events that fit specific criteria and may require approval of your Advisor.   Most large lecture halls and many other classrooms have been equipped with permanent installations of audio/visual and computer projection equipment.   To reserve academic space, please visit

Food and beverages are NOT permitted in classrooms.

All space requests, whether submitted online or via email, are reviewed by Meetings and Events Office staff.  You will receive a reservation status update via email within three business days after submitting your request.  Make sure you contact your assigned Events Coordinator to go over specific set up needs for your events in Student Centers.  Failure to do so by specified deadlines may result in cancellation of your event(s).

Student organization meetings and events are open to any member of the Rutgers community.  Student organizations are expected to keep their getInvolved profiles, websites and all social media accounts (or other modes of advertising organizational activities) up to date with information regarding dates, times & locations.

Payment for Services  

Student Center invoices will be processed for payment from your SABO account.  You can check your SABO statement or follow up with your Advisor to ensure the bill is paid.  Any questions regarding the payment process or specific charges on an invoice should be directed to your Student Center Event Coordinator or the Meeting and Events Office.

Room Arrangement Guidelines 

All student organizations must contact Facilities Maintenance Services before large events in academic space.

For special setups, contact Facilities Maintenance Services here

Digital Classroom Support

To request use of equipment in classrooms, fill out the form found here

Building Usage Guidelines 

Smoking is not permitted in any University facility. Unauthorized or misuse of University space will result in disciplinary action with the possible loss of reservation privileges on any campus. Facilities Maintenance Services (FMS) will notify the appropriate campus authority in writing of any problems incurred. Nothing may be attached to the walls or suspended from the ceilings. Projection screens mounted to classroom walls or ceilings must never be used as backdrops for theatrical events. Furniture must be returned to its original setup.

Additional criteria for reserving academic space:

• Classroom spaces may be reserved if a student center cannot accommodate the request.

• Events that require registration fees may not be scheduled in classroom spaces without the consent of Advisor.

• Events held in classrooms may only be open to the university community.

• No moving of furniture/stacking of desks are permitted.

• The option to reserve for a performance / play should be for performance-based organizations and not for the sponsorship / hosting of a performance / play. Performance-based organizations may not reserve space for the hosting of competitions or performances by outside groups.

• Academic space is not available Monday – Thursday until after 9:10PM on College Avenue, Cook, and Douglass and after 9:40PM on Busch and Livingston campuses.