RUSA Allocations

The RUSA Allocations Board is an affiliated committee of RUSA that operates separately from RUSA and is responsible for the allocation of funds to registered Rutgers University Student Organizations as well as various registered events on an as needed basis.  The goal of the Allocations Board is to promote and support diversity of programming made available to all Rutgers University Students through the fair and efficient use of the student activity fee.  RUSA Allocations provides over $1,000,000.00 of program funding to over 400 different organizations at Rutgers University New Brunswick campus.  

 The Allocations Board is here to serve all student organizations the best way possible.  If you have any questions regarding the funding process or how your organization can file an appeal for more funding, please contact us at  More information may also be found on the RUSA Allocations website

Financial Transactions

All RUSA funded student organization accounts are held at the Student Activities Business Office. Funds allocated by the RUSA Allocations committee are transferred into to your organization’s SABO account each semester.  Checks, deposits, and transfers are processed for your organization by submitting the appropriate forms and supporting documentation to the SABO for each transaction.  Please see the SABO Treasurer’s Key for specific instructions on how to complete the forms and the documentation required for various types of transactions. The SABO Treasurer’s Key is available on the SABO website at

Student organizations are not permitted to hold off campus bank accounts.  Any student organization found to have an off campus account will be referred to Student Conduct.

An understanding of various types of account codes is necessary to complete transactions for your organization. The codes associated with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership are:

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: All organization accounts have a three or four-digit account number. Please contact the Student Activities Business Office or your organization advisor for your organization account number.
  •  LINE CODES: All organization accounts have sub-account codes called line codes. Each line code within your account is specific to a particular funding source. Commonly used line codes for organizations registered with Student Involvement and Leadership are:
  • Line #345 (programs) – Funds allocated to your organization by the RUSA Allocations Committee for student organization program expenses.
  •  Line #317 (organizational maintenance) – Funds allocated by the RUSA Allocations Committee for expenses such as office supplies, duplicating, phone, postage, etc. See the RUSA funding guidelines for a complete list.
  •  Line #137 (generated revenue) – Funds that your organization generates from additional sources such as fundraising, dues, donations, etc.
  •  TRANSACTION CODES: All transactions are assigned a transaction code specific to a category of expense. For a complete list of transaction codes, see the Student Activities Business Office Treasurer’s Key or the Student Activities Business Office website at

Funding & Allocations Budgeting Worksheet

An essential component of organizational success is proper budget preparation and management. Both your Advisor and Faculty/Staff Mentor are available to assist you with developing your budgets. This helpful worksheet can serve as the first step in your successful program planning process.

What are Your Costs?


Performer/Honorarium    _________________

Performer Travel     _________________

Performer Hospitality     _________________

Performer Lodging     _________________

Film/Video License Fee    _________________

Facility Rental     _________________

Facility Labor      _________________

Equipment Rental     _________________

Media Equipment     _________________

Security      _________________

Catering     _________________

Catering supplies (plates, napkins, etc.)  _________________

Promotional duplicating    _________________

Promotional Printing     _________________

Targum Advertising     _________________

Giveaways/Specialty Items*    _________________

Decorations*      _________________

Prizes*      _________________

Miscellaneous Supplies    _________________

Where Can You Get Your Money?


RUSA Allocations Board allocation   _________________

Generated Revenue     _________________

Other Funding Sources    _________________

Co-Sponsorship with other organizations  _________________

Admission Fees     _________________

* denotes items that are not covered by RUSA Allocations