The waivers below are for your organization’s convenience. Waivers, when needed for an event, must be completed by all participants, collected by a representative of the organization, and submitted to the Department of Student Involvement Office at least 5 business days prior to the event. Extenuating circumstances must receive pre-approval by the Advisor of the organization.

The Department of Student Involvement Office will not accept individual waivers by members, all waivers must be collected by a representative of the organization and submitted as one full packet.

This library is not an exhaustive nor complete list of waivers required; if there is not a waiver here that covers your specific event’s activities, you must contact your Advisor to determine the risks of your planned activity and create a waiver if needed.


Taste Test Event Allergy Consent

Waiver for Activities Involving Live Animals

Waiver for Theatrical Performance

Annual Waiver for Theatrical Performance

Waiver for Recreational Activities

Annual Waiver for Recreational Activities

Waiver for Fashion Show

Waiver for Date Auction

Waiver for Dancing

Annual Waiver for Dancing

Waiver for Competitive Activities

Waiver for Break-Dancing