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The Contract Checklist, Travel ItineraryChange of Officer Form, Chalking Request, Ticket Sale Request, and Request for Theatrical Rights can all be accessed by logging into the getINVOLVED website and going here. All forms are available on the Student Involvement and Leadership page on the getINVOLVED website after logging in.

Additional Forms and Information

  • Parental Consent to Reimburse Form
  • RUSA Allocations Appeals
  • Chalking Guidelines
  • CoSponsorship Agreement
  • Special Event Parking Request
  • Organization Name Changes: The name of your Student Organization should already define your mission/purpose. Ideally, student organizations should not be changing their name frequently or at all, as this interrupts the history and promotion of your organization. Name changes should only occur if the name no longer represents the mission/purpose and/or students are not able to connect with the organization because the name is too vague or misleading. There are many departments that need to be notified when an organization changes their name so that they can update their records, websites, social media, etc. If you wish to request a name change, you must send an email to orgregistration@echo.rutgers.edu and include the name of your current organization, the new name and an updated constitution. You will be notified once your name change has been approved.

The following forms are available on the SABO Webpage:

  • Deposit Slip
  • Prize, Award, and Gift Card Information Form