How can I hold an outdoor public forum on any of the campuses?

Anyone planning to hold an outdoor public forum, such as a rally or candlelight vigil, is encouraged to file a Public Forum Notification Form.The process is applicable to all registered organizations at Rutgers University that wish to hold public forums at Rutgers University.

Public Forums are allowed during the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.

Set up items (a table and two chairs) can only be accessed if this online form is completed.  The total number of tables and chairs is limited and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  These items are available for use on the College Avenue campus, Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm.

In order to obtain the set up items, students will need to pick up tables at the College Avenue Student Center Office, Room 243.  (Note: Public Forum tables are available at no cost to student organizations.  Center Reservations current invoices must be paid to have access to tables.)

The use of amplified sound is strictly prohibited. Student organizations that do not comply with Rutgers Public Forum Policy are subject to potential cost-associated penalties and may be referred to Student Conduct.

Certain exceptions may be made to the use of amplified sound or off-hours by the Dean of Students based on the nature of the event. In this instance, the student will be asked to bring their form to the Dean to get written approval and then submit submit to the Student Activities Welcome Desk located on the street level of 613 George Street on the College Avenue campus.

Public Forum Notification Form

Designated Public Forum Areas

College Avenue Campus
A designated public forum area is located on the steps between the main entrance of Brower Commons Dining Hall and Stonier Hall on College Avenue. The space also extends back to the Records Hall courtyard.

Busch Campus
Designated public forum areas are located on the lawn in front of the Allison Road Classroom Building and on the lawn in front of the School of Engineering.

Cook Campus
A designated public forum area is located in the middle of the Newell Apartments.

Livingston Campus
A designated public forum area is located on the portico of Tillett Hall (facing Kilmer Library).

Douglass Campus
A designated public forum area is the patio and grass area on the Nichol Avenue side of the Douglass Student Center.

For more information please contact the Student Activities Center Information Desk (or your student organization advisor): 848-932-1975 or email ..