Student Involvement and Leadership is here to serve students, student organizations, and the Rutgers community through organizational advisement and support, involvement activities, leadership development and a wide range of program offerings. Such efforts, implemented in collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, aid in the growth and development of individuals. They are an integral part of the educational mission of Rutgers University. Our office views students as partners in the creation and implementation of co-curricular endeavors at Rutgers University. This shared responsibility is achieved through student employment opportunities, paraprofessional experiences, organizational involvement, and the promotion of student decision making. We welcome you in your new endeavor as a student organization leader. The information contained in this handbook is meant to serve as a resource to student organizations and their officers. Our hope is to build a partnership with you that will ensure success for your organization. We hope that you will attend our various programs, trainings and workshops that have been tailor made to meet your needs. Your experience as an organizational officer should provide you ample opportunities to develop skills that will help you in your future endeavors, and to meet co-curricular learning outcomes.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, located in the Student Activities Center (SAC), 613 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, Phone: 848-932-6978, Fax: 732-932-1080 or via email at
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Student Activities Business Office

The Rutgers University Student Activities Business Office (SABO) administers and manages the financial resources of the undergraduate student governments, student organizations and other similar student-focused, student-driven organizations of Rutgers University and departments of Rutgers University.  For more information on SABO and additional student organization Treasurer information, please click here:


getINVOLVED is an online resource that connects students with engagement opportunities and student organizations on campus. This is a great resource to promote organization events, host elections, track attendance for events, post announcements, updates, and more! Get started and log-in with your Net-ID and password.

Peer Advisors

Student Involvement and Leadership Peer Advisors are here to assist you!  You can make an appointment with any Peer Advising Team for help with your student organization:

Officer Training:
Treasurer Training:
New Student Organization Recognition: