1. Please review the Step By Step Guide 2019-2020 to better understand the requirements necessary to successfully complete this application process.

2. Email neworgs@echo.rutgers.edu to schedule an appointment with a New Student Organization Peer Advisor to complete an informational workshop.

3. Use the checklist below to assure that you have all of the mandatory information necessary to proceed with the application.


  • Official name
  • Summary or description of your organization, including a clearly defined organizational purpose
  • Acronym for your organization to be entered as part of your profile on the getINVOLVED website
  • Full name, position, NetID, phone number and email of 3 Rutgers University undergraduate student officers with a minimum GPA of 2.0:
    • Primary officer ( i.e. President, Editor-In-Chief, General Manager)
    • Treasurer
    • Additional officer (i.e. Vice President, Co-President, Managing Editor, Assistant Editor)
    • Faculty/staff mentor (recommended but not required).
  • Seven additional Rutgers University undergraduate students with an interest in the organization to serve as members. Must have their full name, net ID and email address.
    • All officers and members must approve the membership request and have a completed profile on the getINVOLVED website.
  • If your organization has a national affiliation, you must request an authorized letter of approval from the National organization*.
  • Completed constitution ready to be uploaded. Use this Sample Constitution as a guide.

4. Visit getINVOLVED > Log in> Click on “Organizations” > Select “Recognize New Student Organization”

Note: All applications will be reviewed in detail, and if necessary, you will be contacted for any clarification. All organization’s primary contacts will be notified of a decision via email or through their getINVOLVED profile. Please email neworgs@echo.rutgers.edu  with any questions or concerns.


*The national affiliation approval letter must be submitted to the Department of Student Centers and Involvement within two weeks after submitting your application. Paper work can be submitted to neworgs@echo.rutgers.edu or dropped off at the Department of Student Centers and Involvement at the Student Activities Center, 613 George Street (lower level), New Brunswick, NJ 08901.