Contracts 101

Student Involvement and Leadership develops and signs contracts for student organizations. In this way you and your organization are protected from liability. Students should NEVER, under any circumstances, sign contracts on behalf of their organization. If this happens, the student may be held personally liable for the terms of the contract, including payment.

All student organizations that plan to use the services outside of those their members can provide should consult their Advisor to discuss the contracts necessary for such services. Contracts are an important way for you to protect yourself and your student organization from possible liability associated with events and programs. They serve as a standardized method of outlining what services a contractor will provide to you or your student organization and the amount of payment or services you agree to supply in return.

Contracts or Letters of Agreement must be processed whether or not the service provider is being paid.
Just as you wouldn’t buy a car or a house without a contract, never purchase the services of a D.J. or a caterer without a carefully executed and signed contract.

Contract Checklists must be submitted ONLINE

Student Organizations Must Meet with Advisors FOUR WEEKS in advance of any event – especially if contracts are involved.
Once you have decided that you will need a contract for your event, complete the Contract Checklist online on the getINVOLVED website.

After submitting your request, follow up with your Advisor to review the information and then she/he will provide the supplier with the contract and W-9 form. The request for a contract should be submitted at least FOUR WEEKS before your event. Contracts WILL NOT be developed with less than two weeks prior to the event.

At this point you should also submit a SABO check request or transfer if the supplier is a Rutgers University employee or student.  Remember, contracting with a Rutgers University employee or student will require your organization to pay an additional 7.5% of the total cost to cover taxes and benefits.

Have the supplier sign and return the contract within ONE WEEK (Signed contracts MUST be returned, along with a completed W-9 form, no later than two weeks prior to the event).

The signed contract has to come back to Student Involvement and Leadership for your Advisor’s signature. (Faxed or scanned copies are acceptable).

After the contract is signed, it is reviewed, recorded, and copied for the supplier and the student organization’s file.  The contract is given to SABO for processing. SABO will not cut a check for the supplier without the signed contract.

One week before the event, SABO receives the contract and cross references check or transfer requests. If the check is to be mailed out, the check and copy of the contract are mailed to the supplier. If the check is to be picked up, it is your responsibility to go to SABO during business hours to pick up the check. Checks should be given to suppliers at the event, not after. The only case for providing a late check would be for a price per person situation.

What holds up your contract checks?

  • Forgetting to submit a SABO check request.
  • Delay in return of signed contract from supplier.
  • Missing a W-9 Form.

Examples of services that require a contract (not all inclusive):

  • Non-Rutgers Catering
  • Off campus banquets/retreats
  • Performers/Lecturers (paid or unpaid)
  • Non-Rutgers Equipment Rental
  • Vendor Sales at Events/Programs

Things to Remember:

  • Members of the organization CANNOT be paid for a speaking engagement/performance, etc.
  • All speakers and facilitators must sign a contract even if they are not receiving a fee.
  • The speaker/facilitator and your Advisor must sign contracts at least two weeks prior to the event date.
  • Student organization members should NEVER sign contracts on behalf of the organization.
  • RU employees will be paid via their paychecks if they are eligible to be paid for their services i.e. a biology professor who is a member of a jazz band that is performing during an event can be paid because s/he is providing a service that is not part of his/her job.  Staff and Faculty who perform a service/provide a lecture or keynote, etc. that is related to their line of work SHOULD NOT BE PAID.
  • Supplier must provide a certificate of insurance with $2,000,000.00 aggregate (including product liability). Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey shall be named an additional insured and such insurance shall be primary and non-contributory.

Minimum Insurance Requirement

Rutgers University requires any supplier (including bands) with whom we contract to provide a certificate of insurance with $2,000,000 minimum limit of general liability insurance, naming Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, as an additional insured when returning their signed contract.