Commuter Parking

Part of being a commuter means knowing all of the parking tips around campus. Take a look at these four tips for parking on campus.

  1. Buy A Parking Permit
  • In mid-August, students will be able to purchase permits allowing them to park at their assigned lots on 1 of the Rutgers’ 5 campuses. Permits can be purchased at, and multiple cars can be registered to your permit!
  1. Park In Your Assigned Lot
  • Your day pass only allows you to park in one lot on your specific campus. To see what lots are assigned to your permit’s zone and to see which additional lots you can park in after 6PM, go If you park in a lot not allowed by the website, you risk getting a ticket. Unpaid tickets can lead to late fees, holds on registration and more.
  1. Get To Class On Time!
  • Always leave extra time to get to campus before you take the bus or walk to your class. Check for traffic alerts and road closures before you leave home. Keep in mind that inclement weather can make your commute longer. You can check for class cancellations and delayed openings by visiting:
  1. Spending The Night?
  • There are a very few limited number of lots that allow you to park from 2am to 8am for each campus. Make sure you check the website to see what lots there are for each campus should you be staying overnight at a friend’s place. Make sure your friend’s roommates approve of your stay and be respectful of their space.


For any questions regarding parking on campus, please contact the Department of Transportation Services by calling     (848) 932-7744 or visiting



On Campus Transportation

Visit the Rutgers IPO website for bus routes descriptions, schedules, and other information.

Looking for different transportation options around the 5 campuses? Check out these options!

Bicycle Rental Program

Bike rentals are available to all Rutgers students on all five campuses. Go to to
register. Once registered, you can log into the system and rent your bike.

  • As part of the University’s mission to provide cost effective and green transportation alternatives to the University community, the Department of Transportation Services offers a bike rental program that is available at central locations throughout the New Brunswick Campus.
  • Once registration is complete, users may log in to the automated bike rental system and check out bicycles for only $10 per month or $25 per semester.
  • For more information on how to register, please visit


Scooters are now available to students on the New Brunswick campus. Learn more at:


Public Transportation Options

Are you commuting to campus via public transportation? Below is information on the various forms of transportation methods available in New Jersey.


For information on New Jersey Transit trains, please call 973-275-5555 or visit For information on SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) trains, please call 215-580-7800. For information on Amtrak trains, please call 1-800-USA-RAIL.


Public Buses (NJ Transit)

For information on NJ Transit Buses, please call 973-275-5555 or visit


Discounted NJ Transit Tickets for Students

NJ Transit offers a 25% discounted rate for monthly rail, bus, or light rail passes to full-time undergraduate and graduate students who purchase their pass online.

For more information on this discount, visit: