Study Spaces

  • College Avenue Student Center: Computer Lab, Red Lion Lounge,
    Main Lounge, and 4th Floor Lounge
  • Student Activities Center: Raritan River Lounge
  • Alexander Library- Computer Lab
  • Kreeger Learning Center- Computer Lab
  • Rutgers Barnes & Noble
  • Art Library

Dining and Microwaves

  • College Avenue Student Center Microwaves: Red Lion Café
  • Student Activities Center Microwave: Convenience Store
  • College Avenue Student Center Food Vendors
    • Wendy’s
    • Gerlanda’s Pizza & Deli
    • Au Bon Pain
    • Subway
    • King Pita Palace
    • Currito’s
  • CabFare (Dining) – Located on the third floor of the Clinical Academic Building, 125 Paterson Street, New Brunswick
  • Mobile Food Vendors on Senior Street by ROTC and George St by River Dorms

Commuter Lockers

  • College Avenue Student Center