Advertising Events

Student organization sponsored events are for the Rutgers community and invited guests. Advertising for these events is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring organization and should be focused on the Rutgers Community. Student organization advertisements are restricted to on-campus advertising sites only and should be done with guidance from the organization’s Advisor. Social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be used provided the advertisement explicitly states the event is for the Rutgers community and invited guest(s) only. It is the responsibility of the hosting student organization to communicate the guest policy to their membership. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the cancellation of your event/meeting and loss of future reservation privileges.

  • Advertising an event prior to event confirmation is prohibited.
  • All forms of advertisement (i.e. fliers, newspaper ads, etc.) must provide accurate event information including Sponsoring Organization/Client contact information.
  • Advertised admission costs (free or fee) may not change.

Student Center Posting and Distribution Policies

  • Only printed materials from Rutgers affiliated Student Organizations, Fraternity and Sororities, and Departments are permitted to be posted or distributed.
  • All flyers must receive a Student Affairs stamp, prior to posting, from one of the locations listed below. Flyers will be stamped, dated (with start and end date) and initialed. The Student Centers reserves the right to refuse to post or distribute any material which violates the University’s Student Code of Conduct or University policy.
  • All advertisements may be posted no more than five (5) days prior to the date of the event. Outdated materials will be removed.
  • All printed materials must originate from a Rutgers University department or registered student organization and must provide accurate event information including: Sponsoring Organization contact information, name and/or logo. Advertised admission costs (free or fee) may not change.
  • All advertisements, announcements and signs are permitted in designated areas only. No posting/signage may be secured to walls of Student Centers, doors, windows, stairwells or hallways.
  • No advertising or posting for any event, program or service is permitted on the exterior of the Student Centers facilities.
  • Items posted or distributed outside of approved locations will be removed and discarded. Save your organizations money by posting on approved areas.
  • Use of any bulletin board or authorized space in the Student Center does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service, or information by Student Affairs.
  • Student organizations are required to follow policies for posting at bus stops, in residence halls, and classrooms. In general, flyers should only be posted on bulletin boards and all flyers need to be stamped.
  • All advertising must comply with University non-discrimination policy.
  • Postings may not reference alcohol or illegal substances.
  • The name of the sponsoring organization must be clearly stated on the flyer.
  • Posting for off-campus events are not permitted unless specifically approved by the Student Centers and Student Involvement and Leadership staff.
  • Postings may not promote anything in violation of Rutgers University policies or procedures.

Advertising Approval Locations:
Busch Campus:
Busch Student Center Information Desk

College Ave Campus:
College Avenue Student Center Information Desk
College Avenue Student Center Programs and Leadership Office, Room 449
Student Activities Center Student Involvement and Leadership, office located on lower level

Cook Campus:
Cook Student Center Information Desk

Douglass Campus:
Douglass Student Center Information Desk

Livingston Campus:
Livingston Student Center Information Desk


  • Flyers or printed materials promoting events may not be placed on Information Desks. Cook, Douglass, and Livingston Student Centers have designated flyer display units. Space in the displays is availability on a first come, first served basis.

Bulletin Boards

  • Bulletin Boards are available on a first come, first served basis to post flyers and printed materials. Space is limited. Only Student Affairs stamped flyers are allowed on the bulletin boards. To accommodate as many events as possible, Student Organizations and departments are limited to one (1) flyer per event per board. Flyers are limited to a maximum 11in ”x 17in” size. Bring flyers to the Information Desk in each build and staff will put them up on the board. This process allows for a more orderly and efficient use of the bulletin boards.

Posters on Easels

  • One (1) outdoor and one (1) indoor easel are available on the day of the event. These easels are commonly used to inform participants and to direct students and guests to the location of the event. Exact location of the easels will be determined by Professional Staff in each Student Center. Due to high volume of events held in the Centers’’, easels are not typically available to advertise events in advance of the event date. Exceptions may be made for annual University and Campus-wide events.


  • The hanging of banners is permitted in the Student Centers in designated areas. Banner spaces are available for reservation by student organizations, on-campus offices, and departments via the Student Center Meetings and Events Office at, 848-932-8821, or email Banners are scheduled for one week on a first come, first serve basis. Banners must be for University departments or student organization events and are subject to Student Affairs approval. All groups must check-in with the banner in the Student Centers Office in the building the banner is being hung. Banners are limited to dimensions of 4ft x 6ft and will be hung in the designated reserved area by the Student Center staff. Approved material only may be used Banners must clearly state sponsoring organization’s name and contact information (email, phone number, web site, or address). Banners left up hanging after the reservation expires will be discarded. The Student Centers assumes no responsibility for banners left unclaimed.

University Facilities has detailed guidelines for hanging banners outdoors on campus, which can be found here

Display Board

  • College Avenue Student Center entrance lobby has a display board that is available to hold posters. Space is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis. Rutgers University Student Centers has 1st priority for space. Posters can be up to 18in x 23in (portrait style) must be approved and stamped prior to posting. Posters which are smaller than 18in x 23in need to be affixed to foam core board to ensure a consistent look and that it fully fits the 18in x 23in holder size.

Table Ad Holders

  • To facilitate the promotion of events to the most people possible, table top ad holders are available in the Student Center food courts. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Table tents may be displayed for a period of one week per department/organization. All table ads will begin on Monday morning and continue through the following Saturday at 6 p.m. The event being advertised must be sponsored by a University office, department or student organization. The Student Centers reserves the right to adjust the display time for each table tent, depending on the event date advertised and the number of table ads requests for the week. All table ad requests must be reserved through the Student Center Meetings and Events Office at, 848-932-8821, or email All table ads will be placed, and removed, on food court tables by Student Center staff. Table ads may only be displayed in the food courts. There is a limit to four different events advertised each week. One design (ad) per department/organization is permitted per week. A consecutive week reservation for the same event is not permitted. Table ads should be designed in portrait orientation with generally accepted standards of good taste. The measurement of one table ad should be 4in x  6in and 25 copies (suggested paper weight is 24lb. for durability) per Center should be delivered to the Student Center Administration Office of each Center, by Friday at noon. If they are not received by this time, it is not guaranteed that they will be placed in the table ad holders that week.

Removal Procedures at Bus Stops

  • Signs that have been officially approved by university officials will be torn down tri-weekly, (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. only and will be strictly enforced. Flyers that have not been approved for posting will be removed immediately.

Programs that will be Serving Alcohol

  • Due to liability issues, programs being held by Rutgers affiliates and which will be serving alcohol may not be advertised on the campus of Rutgers University. Any flyers or advertisements advertising alcohol will not be approved for posting.


For information about posting guidelines for residence halls, please visit:


Posting flyers on bus stops that provide bulletin board or posting sites is permitted.
Posting flyers on bus stops that are glass enclosed is strictly prohibited.

Advertising Disclaimers and Statements


  • Student organizations must list “RUSA Allocations Board, paid for by student fees,” as a funding agent on all advertising for a program or event when the RUSA Allocations Board funds over 20% of the entire program or event at the time of the submitted budget.
  • “Rutgers Business Governing Association, paid for by student fees”, as a funding agent on all advertising for a program or event, when the RBGA Allocations Committee funds over 20% of the entire program or event (SR)
  • List “SEBS Governing Council, paid for by student fees”, as a funding agent on all advertising for a program or event, when the SGC Finance Committee funds over 20% of the entire program or event (SR)
  • All student organizations should advertise all events and meetings on getInvolved

Additionally, student organizations must list:
This event is sponsored by “Name of Club”,a Rutgers University Student Organization” on any and all advertising.

Failure to comply will result in a referral to Student Organization Incident Review Board. Further failure to comply will result in a 75% reduction on advertising and duplications for the next event and the organization will not be allowed to appeal for additional funding for the next event.


We encourage you to place the following disclaimers and statements on flyers when applicable:

For Major Events/Concerts/Large Social Events/Lectures Involving High Profile Speakers:
“This event is open to Rutgers University students, staff, and faculty and their invited guests only. Proof of Rutgers identification will be required. All attendees agree to comply with RU policy and will be asked to leave the premises if such policies are violated with no liability to RU. Any behavior that puts yourself or others at risk of injury is not permitted and will result in removal from events with no refund and may result in judicial action or persecution.”

Examples of accessibility statements that can be utilized by Rutgers affiliates:
“If you are an individual with a disability and will need an accommodation, please call _________________ (name and number of organization or office responsible)”.

For events requiring advance registration or notice (e.g.: conference, banquet, workshop):
“If you are an individual with a disability and will need an accommodation, please call _________________ (name and number of individual appointed) at least two weeks before the program to request your accommodation”.

Policy on Publications and Printed Communications

Rutgers University Student Centers requests that all student organizations include the following disclaimer on every issue of a newspaper, newsletter, magazine or any other printed or electronic publication they produce:

“The views, opinions and representations in [name of student organization] are those of the student organization and do not represent the views, opinions or representations of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.”

Distribution of Publications by Student Organizations in Student Centers:

This policy governs the use of Rutgers University Student Centers as a distribution point for newspapers, journals, pamphlets, brochures, advertising and other related materials.

All materials should originate from a Rutgers University department or student organization and must be approved by an appropriate University representative.

The representative will provide written approval for distribution to the Student Center Director or his/her designee. The representative should provide a general description of the publications, journals, pamphlet, brochure or advertising, quantity for distribution, arrival and removal date, and contact information.

Student organizations with weekly, biweekly, annual or semesterly publications to be displayed at the student centers must request approval from Student Center staff two (2) weeks prior to the requested display date.  Failure to submit written request to display these publications will result in the removal of the publication from the information desk or approved display areas.

Student Centers will refuse delivery of all items if this process is not followed.
Student Centers reserve the right to refuse any material which violates the student code of conduct and any university policies.