What is getINVOLVED?

getINVOLVED is an online resource that connects you with student engagement opportunities on campus. Complete your personal profile, discover organizations that match your interests, search for events by title, date, program type, or by perks such as free food! Plus you can keep track of your involvement through the resource’s co-curricular transcript.

getINVOLVED can help you to track your organization memberships, leadership positions you’ve held, your community service hours, and other special experiences that demonstrate your leadership development. Additionally, it is a great way to find out about upcoming organization events. To get started, visit getINVOLVED and log-in with your Net-ID and password.

Student Organization & Advisor Handbook

The Student Organization & Advisor Handbook is online, and here to serve as a informational resource to student organizations and their officers.

Student Organization Management Workshops

Join us throughout the following semesters for a variety of helpful and informative workshops and training’s that will enhance your role and experience in student organizations.

Library of Student Organization Training Resources

Find vital training information for student organizations and officers here!

Do Something to Help—Share a Concern!

Rutgers is a community that cares. We DO SOMETHING when we are concerned about one of our community members. 

Photo: Counseling, ADAP and Psychiatric Services Building

Student Involvement Multimedia